In-House Instructors

We at Integrated Body Arts have been guided and trained in the original Pilates method by Master Instructors Romana Kryzanowska, Sari Mejia Santo, Juanita Lopez and Cynthia Lochard. Held to the highest standards, we undertake the responsibility in the preservation of the teachings of Joseph Pilates, by attending yearly Continuing Professional Education, which serves as our means of ensuring that what we impart to our clients remains in its true and original form. 

As a former principal dancer of Ballet Philippines, Cecilia was introduced to Pilates by foreign guest artists that came to perform with the company. Noticing how these dancers maintained their bodies while in the height of their careers, she set her mind on studying the method.

In the summer of 1995, Cecilia was sent by Ballet Philippines to New York to study the Pilates® Method of Body Condiitioning at The Pilates Studio™ and Drago’s Gym, the official training schools of Authentic Pilates™, under the renowned master teacher Romana Kryzanowska. It was during this 6 month period that she felt fortunate to have done her apprenticeship under the close guidance of Romana Kryzanowska, observing how she worked, therefore, directly learning a lot from her. In 1995, Cecilia became the Philippines’ first certified Pilates instructor. Since then she annually attends continuing professional education seminars and conferences with what is now known as Romana’s Pilates™. With her highest respect for the system as developed by Joseph Pilates, she is honored to be part of the preservation of the practice, imparting her knowledge of the body to better help her clients.

Cecilia owns and runs her studio, Integrated Body Arts, together with her husband, Jinn P. Ibarrola, former principal dancer of Ballet Philippines, as co-owner and company manager.

Judell was introduced to Pilates in 1997, while being a soloist of Ballet Philippines. Her desire to strengthen her “powerhouse” led her to dragging co-dancers to join her in attending Cecilia Sicangco Ibarrola’s mat classes for the company. After a few sessions she already felt the beneficial role of Pilates in her dancing.

In 1999, she had an unfortunate accident in rehearsals where she hurt her ankle after it got trapped under an untaped linoleum floor. Resting it for a week, she continued dancing without proper healing until she reinjured it in a warm up class hours before a performance. That caused her a torn ligament that required her to undergo physical therapy for two weeks. At that time, Cecilia suggested that Pilates would enable her to “regain strength and balance…and it did!”

In 2001, Judell discovered the power of Pilates and left for New York with the help of Cecilia Sicangco Ibarrola and Lynley Tan, to get her certification as an instructor of Authentic Pilates™. After her retirement from Ballet Philippines, she dedicated her time in rearing her son and sharing her knowledge of the Pilates method to her clients. She has been employed as a senior instructor of Integrated Body Arts since 2001.

Brando Miranda was a former principal dancer of the Royal New Zealand Ballet and Ballet Philippines.

Introduced to Pilates in 2002, Cecilia Sicangco Ibarrola trained and later encouraged Brando to undergo the teacher training program. After accomplishing the necessary pre-requisite requirements to get into the program, Brando left for Sydney, Australia to get his Pilates certification under the tutelage of Juanita Lopez, Master Instructor Trainer of Romana’s Pilates® at The Pilates Method Studio, Australia’s certifying center for Romana’s Pilates®. In 2003, Brando received his certification to teach the True Pilates method and has been returning to Sydney for his continuing professional education under Cynthia Lochard, Romana’s Pilates® Master Instructor Trainer and owner of The Pilates Method Studio.

Brando has been working at Integrated Body Arts teaching the True Pilates method since 2003.

Cindy Lee Espinas began taking Pilates in 1997, while still a dancer of Ballet Philippines. She was introduced to the Pilates method by former Artistic Dirtector and Principal Dancer, Cecilia Sicangco Ibarrola.

In 1999, Cindy underwent a major operation. After 5 months, she started taking ballet classes again and supplemented her training with Pilates workouts under Cecilia. In 2 months’ time, she was back onstage performing with the company.

In 2003, Cindy retired from dancing to pursue her career as a Pilates instructor. She left for Seattle, Washington in the United States and was accepted at the Pilates SeattleInternational, a certifying center of Romana’s Pilates®. She was certified in 2004 and has been employed at Integrated Body Arts ever since.

Heidi, as she is known amongst friends, is a competitive Latin American ballroom dancer and teacher. Her passion for dance got her to dance for major television shows as a member of many television dance groups in the Philippines.

She was introduced to the Pilates method as part of her cross-training program and discovered how the method benefited her dancing and quality of life that which developed her desire to share it with others. In one of her visits to her sister in Sydney, Australia, Heidi took a Pilates session with Cynthia Lochard, Level 1 Romana's Pilates Teacher Trainer, who encouraged her to take the certification program with Cecilia Sicangco Ibarrola at Integrated Body Arts.

In April 2013, Heidi completed the teacher certification program and received her Romana's Pilates Level 5 teacher certificate.

Lucky enough to be exposed to Pilates at an early age, Charm was able to meet people with all sorts of physical limitations. There was the father with lower back problems, who just wanted to carry his 4 year old daughter on his shoulders, an elderly man who was forced to walk with his back stooped forward, and a young lady who lost most of her leg to cancer, and thought she could never walk normally again.

With each return to the studio, Charm saw these people getting stronger, healthier, and happier, with an increase in their quality of life. The new father could carry his daughter on his shoulders. The elderly man could walk straight and reach his arms up in the air. And the young lady finally rid herself of the crutches she had been using since she was a little girl, and could finally walk again with dignity and pride.

Pilates was more than just another exercise routine, it was an anti-aging fountain of renewal. It was a light of hope. This is what pushed Charm to transition from becoming a regular practitioner, to training and becoming a certified instructor under the original teachings of Joseph Pilates.

Trendsetting was the initial reason Molly got into Pilates before it became her passion. After sustaining injuries from multiple accidents, “Pilates might be a good idea”, she thought. Her husband pushed her to continue doing Pilates when he saw an increase in her strength and stamina with a noticeably improved posture.

Upon her husband’s passing, his words resonated, “Babe, do your Pilates”. She then enrolled to get certified at True Pilates NY, the flagship studio of Romana’s Pilates®, where she trained under Sari Mejia Santo, Cynthia Shipley and Jerome Weinberg among others.

She continued her training in Sydney, Australia, under Cynthia Lochard, where she completed her certification.

With her desire to go back to her homeland, she joined Integrated Body Arts group of certified Romana’s Pilates® instructors and is now enjoying the guidance of True Pilates Philippines forerunner, Cecilia Sicangco Ibarrola.

Annette Mariano was an artist of Ballet Philippines until she retired in 2001, and has since then focused on teaching full-time at De La Salle Zobel School's Ballet Program where she is its Dance Director.

After teaching ballet for quite some time, Annette felt she wanted to expand her knowledge and daily routine by learning a new discipline outside of dance. In 2014, Annette was introduced to Pilates taking weekly sessions with Judell Sicam until she was convinced to take the Instructor’s Training Program at Integrated Body Arts under Cecilia Ibarrola. In 2017, she completed her training program and has received her Romana’s Pilates Teacher certificate.

Several years after obtaining his Nursing license (2009) from the City University of New York, Ryan Jin Hee became deeply concerned with the quality of life, relative to both physical and mental well-being. Impressed by the concepts of maintaining a strong core, body alignment, proper breathing and concentration, characterizing the method of Joseph Pilates, he pursued an apprenticeship in 2016 with Integrated Body Arts (IBA), established in 1996 as the first Romana’s Pilates Studio in the Philippines. IBA is managed by its founder and Level 2 Teacher Trainer, who along with its certified instructors, are dedicated in continuing the spirit and method of Joseph Pilates. Being the first ever certified male Korean Romana’s Pilates instructor, Ryan Jin Hee finds meaning to life in sharing this spirit and practice. Currently he teaches at IBA, where he continues to sharpen not only his professional skills but also provide sincere care for clients in uplifting their general physical well-being.