Romanas Pilates® Teacher Certification Program


Our program trains instructors in Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Systems of the Romanas Pilates® Method. It includes a seminar for each that runs for two to three days in length. Seminars must be taken in consecutive order and full attendance at each seminar is required. In the seminars, you will learn how to assess new clients and body types, teach specific exercises according to the clients ability, learn the modifications for each exercise, use verbal cues and hand placement to guide clients through the exercises, as well as ingraining safety. You will be taught to use all apparatus and become familiar with how each one operates and what it is specifically designed for.

Practical Training

All these stages add up to a total of no less than 750 hours of practical training that includes;

* Activeley observing certified teachers
* Assisting the teachers with client when required
* Practice teaching other apprentices and student clients
* Attending fortnightly apprentice meetings with discussions, direct feedback, and client case studies and review
* Recommended minimum of 15 hours per week

Personal Workout

As part of the training, apprentices are required to complete regular private and/or duet lessons with one of our certified instructors during the certification program. This allows the student to continue their personal kinesthetic growth as well as expose them to a variety of teaching techniques and styles.


At each stage, each student is taken through a practical exam that involves teaching a lesson to a client while being observed and graded. Exams are graded using a standardized test form and take up to 2 hours.

Written exams are required for the intermediate and advanced stages. The student will need to describe a workout for a specific individual addressing his/her individual limitations or goals. All exams are graded on a pass or fail basis.

If for any reason a student fails either exam, they will always be given feedback and the opportunity to re-test.

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How to Apply